February 2024: Scheduling, granular pay ID configuration, and more

Our February release includes the long-awaited scheduling module, which lets you plan and schedule employee work. We've also introduced a more granular configuration for pay ID settings, letting you choose if a particular pay ID should affect production quantity and overtime or double-time work calculations. Several smaller improvements have been made on the Web App and Admin App, and we've also continued with performance optimizations for regular and payroll reports.

🆕 New

Employee scheduling

Scheduling is a new major module introduced to MobiClocks that lets you plan and schedule manpower for your job sites. It is available under the Scheduling tab in the MobiClocks Web App.

Planning section in Scheduling

Planning section in Scheduling

Using the Scheduling module, you can do the following:

  • Planning. Plan employee work for each job site.
  • Scheduling. Add work schedules for each employee.
  • Availability. See employee availability and make planning and scheduling decisions accordingly.

See the Scheduling documentation for more details.

Job site overview

A new Overview section has been added to job site details, where you can see a visualization of manpower distribution for the selected period. The data is grouped by specializations (e.g. driver, carpenter, etc.) and you can also filter by company name. You can hover over the chart to learn additional details.

Manpower overview

Manpower overview

You also have a Daily activity chart to learn when exactly employees have been active during the day.

Employee card

We've added a quick way to learn more about an employee without having to navigate to the employee profile. You can now click on the employee profile picture in the list to open the employee card, which is a summary of the key employee details that opens in a sidebar on your current page.

Pay ID configuration

You can now apply a more granular configuration to your pay IDs to specify if they should be taken into account in production quantity and overtime/double-time calculations.

Pay ID settings

Pay ID settings

In the Affect PQ column, you specify if the pay ID needs to be included in production quantity calculations. In the Affect OT/DT column, you specify if the pay ID needs to be included in overtime and double-time calculations. Lastly, you can override these settings on a company level, so apply a different setup for each company. Learn more in pay ID documentation.

Export kiosk clocks

You now have the option to export kiosk clocks to store the complete list in an Excel file.

Exporting kiosk clocks

Exporting kiosk clocks

Replace a job title

You can now replace employee job titles similar to skill tags, which is done in Administration > Settings > Employee Setup. Replacing a job title updates an employee’s job title history accordingly.

✅ Improved

Import and publish data to Procore through a single integration

The Procore publishing functionality previously named Procore Connect has been merged with the main Procore integration. Now, the Procore integration lets you choose if you want to just publish data to Procore or also use it as a data source, in which case you don’t need to map MobiClocks and Procore modules for publishing.

Procore setup

Procore setup

See Procore documentation to learn more.

Production quantity lock after approved payroll

We have disabled production quantity editing if the payroll for that period has already been approved.

Rounding up minutes for the weekly edit

The round-up rule for minutes set in Administration now affects the time picker in the timelog Weekly Edit for salary employees. So, if the round-up rule is set to 5 min, the minute values in the picker will reflect that, as shown in the following screenshot.

Minutes values in weekly edit time picker

Minutes values in weekly edit time picker

HCSS integration improvements

HCSS logs have been improved and now indicate if a cost code has been manually imported during job site manual import. Also, action logs now show the dates in your MobiClocks environment’s format and timezone.

Lastly, you now have a separate cost code auto-sync configuration.

Report optimizations

Several regular and payroll reports have been optimized for better performance.

Admin App Updates

Org Unit Support

The Admin App now fully supports enterprise structure and handles all the various cases related to cross-org unit actions and restrictions (e.g. a user from one org unit wants to view or modify data from another org unit).

“No job site” filter for employees

You can now filter the employee list by the No job site option to locate employees who are not assigned to any job site.

**No job site** filter

No job site filter

Timezone support

The Admin App now fully supports time zones. In particular, depending on the job site time zone, timelog dates and times are adjusted accordingly.

Employee skill tags

Employee skill tags have been added to the Admin App. You can now add and edit skill tags from the employee profile.

Employee skill tags

Employee skill tags

Job site sorting

Job sites are now sorted by job site number to allow for better navigation in the Job Sites module.