March 2024: MobiLink, Workforce planning, Daily logs, Integrations, and more

The key part of our March release is our new solution called MobiLink, which lets subcontractors sync data with general contractors in real time. We've made significant improvements and enhancements to the job site's Overview section and the Planning section of the Workforce module. A new daily logs option has been introduced to let your employees book company assets such as trucks and trailers. Lastly, several integrations have been updated and improved.

🆕 New


A new MobiLink module has been introduced to MobiClocks that lets subcontractors connect with general contractors (GCs) and share real-time data on manpower, daily activities, punches, and more.

List of subcontractors in MobiLink settings

List of subcontractors in MobiLink settings

To get connected, subcontractors need to get a unique token from a GC and choose which job sites and which parts of the job site data they want to share. After the connection is established, GCs start receiving data in their MobiClocks environment right away. Further on, the job site overview section that was introduced recently, provides an even more convenient way for GCs to oversee subcontractor activities.

To learn more and get familiar with the setup process, visit our MobiLink documentation.

Daily logs

We've introduced the daily logs feature for companies that want to account for asset usage. For now, it's made specifically for trucks and trailers, but more use cases will be added in the future.

You can set up the list of available trucks and trailers from the Web App, and then employees can book a truck and trailer for the day using the Personal App. Daily logs are attached to employee timelogs and can be viewed or edited from timelog details.

See Daily logs documentation to learn more.

Adding daily logs in the Personal App

Adding daily logs in the Personal App

✅ Improved

Workforce planning

We've enhanced and improved the Planning section of our Workforce (previously Scheduling) module. After analyzing customer feedback and conducting more customer interviews, we've upgraded the module to offer a more robust solution that addresses the most common use cases and industry challenges.

Here are the key updates:

  • You can now plan for the whole project duration or any custom duration at once.
  • You can apply job site's start and end dates as your planning dates.
  • To declutter the interface and allow for more focus, we now let you view one job site at a time and switch between job sites when needed.
  • To offer a more complete planning experience, we've added a shortcut to configure job site start and end dates and working days directly from the Planning tab.
  • To get the complete picture for any of your job sites, you can now view all the planned dates in a single view.
Workforce planning

Workforce planning

Job site overview

We've made some design improvements to the Overview section of job sites and have also added some new functionality such as the possibility to group data by various fields, the option to compare daily activities with data from the previous week, and more.

Manpower overview

Manpower overview

See our Job site overview docs to learn more.


We've added options for automatically syncing, importing, and updating data from our Acumatica integration. Now, selected modules can be processed automatically once a day without you having to perform the sync, import, or update actions manually.

Also, you can choose if the Billable and Hold fields are checked (have a "Yes" value) by default in the payroll report published to Acumatica.

Automatic sync, import, and update settings in Acumatica

Automatic sync, import, and update settings in Acumatica

See Acumatica docs to learn more.


Similar to Acumatica, auto-sync and auto-import options have been added for the Procore integration. Also, a Synced source field and a timelog count have been added in the Timecard, Manpower, and Production Quantity sections of Procore publishing.

Automatic sync and import settings in Procore

Automatic sync and import settings in Procore

See Procore docs to learn more.

Company search in QuickBooks Desktop

A company search field has been added in the Customers section (corresponds to job sites in MobiClocks) of the QuickBooks Desktop integration to help locate customers through associated companies.

HOL in timelog bulk actions

You can now apply a HOL pay ID as a leave request timelog bulk action.

Cost code building number editing

Building numbers can now be edited in cost code editing.

Job title field added to several modules

An employee Job title field has been added to the lists in the Timelogs, Cost coding, Employees, and Job sites modules.