Assign employees to job sites

Configuring a job site.

In this guide, you can find instructions for assigning employees to your job sites.



You may assign employees to job sites if you have the Assign/unassign employee to job site permission enabled for your role in Web App > Administration > Role Permissions > Job Sites.

Follow these steps to assign an employee to a job site:

  1. In your Admin App, navigate to the Job Sites tab from the left-hand navigation bar.
  2. Select a job site from the list of job sites.
  3. You'll see the list of employees and PMs for the selected job site. Select the Assign new Employee or Assign new PM button to assign an employee or a PM. The following screenshot shows the Job Sites page with the list of job sites and the employee and PM lists for the selected job site.
**Job Sites** page

Job Sites page

  1. Locate the employee that you want to assign and select the Assign button to add the employee to the selected job site. The following screenshot shows the Assign Employees screen.
**Assign Employees** screen

Assign Employees screen