Location tracking

Questions on tracking your location through the Personal App.

Can my employer see my location when I am not punched in?

No. MobiClocks does not track your location when you're not punched in. Therefore, your employer has no way of finding out your location unless you are punched in to a job site.

If MobiClocks only tracks my location when I'm punched in, why am I seeing notifications about using my location in the background?

Modern mobile operating systems want to make sure that you are fully aware of what is impacting your privacy. Therefore, you may receive notifications that say, "MobiClocks has used your location X times in the last three days. Do you want to continue to allow background location use?” or similar. Such notifications mean that your device has given MobiClocks your location during the indicated period. If you are punched in, these location checks can be recorded. However, If you're not punched in to any job site, such location checks can be used to find out if you're within the job site's geofence zone and auto-select it. These location checks are not recorded in the system.

Why do I have to set up the GPS tracking permissions on my device to "Always" or "Allow all the time"?

Due to Apple and Android updates in 2019, we have to require the GPS tracking permission to be set to Always to be able to update your location when you're punched in. Nevertheless, your location is never recorded unless you're punched in.

Why does MobiClocks use my location during the weekend when I don't have any activity?

As mentioned in the previous answer, we have to require the GPS tracking permission to be set to Always for punching in. As a result, your operating system can show you a map with a warning that your location tracking is set to Always, showing you where your device has recently shared locations with MobiClocks. We don't have any control over that and the data sharing frequency, as it's done on the level of your operating system. Moreover, we don't have any of these locations recorded.

Can I use MobiClocks with my location services deactivated?

As explained in the previous answers, your location disclosure setting has to be set to Always before you punch in to a job site. However, you can always switch off location services after punching out.