Daily schedule overview

Get a daily overview of individual and crew schedules.

In the Workforce module, you have a Crew board section, where you have an overview of all the schedules for the selected day and job sites. In this topic, you'll learn what data is available on the Crew board and how you can customize the board to your preferences.

To get started, from the left-hand sidebar of your MobiClocks Web App, select the Workforce icon and navigate to the Crew board tab, as shown in the following screenshot.

Navigating to **Crew board**

Navigating to Crew board



You may access the Crew board if you have the View "Crew board" tab permission enabled for your role in Administration () > Role Permissions > Workforce.

First, from the date picker at the top of the board, select a date. Each column on the board represents a job site. You can hover over the job site number to view certain job site details.

The numbers under the job site name show how many employees have been active (that is have punchedat the job site) out of all the scheduled employees. If you are viewing today's schedules, the number shows the employees who are active at the moment. For past dates, the number shows how many employees have been active throughout the day.

In each column, you see all the individual and crew schedules that the job site has for the selected date.

These are the main elements of the board, and the following screenshot highlights them.

Main elements of the **Crew board**

Main elements of the Crew board

Crew schedules can be expanded to view the full list of employees in the crew. There is also an expand all option available. Additionally, you can select the profile picture of the employee to access more details in the employee card.

By default, you see data for the first five job sites in your environment. However, you can filter job sites and create custom views.

The following sections discuss the functionality available on the Crew board that you can use to access and customize the data based on your needs.

Crew board actions

Reorder columns

You can drag and drop job site columns to reorder them on the board. The following GIF illustrates that.

Reordering columns on the **Crew board**

Reordering columns on the Crew board

Filter job sites

To filter the job sites you see on the board, select the gear icon () in the upper right corner of the board. In the dialog that opens next, select the job sites you want to include on the board. The following screenshot shows the job site selection dialog.

After selecting the job sites, select Apply to update the board.

Create views

You can create multiple views that include a custom selection of job sites. Perform the following steps to create a new view:

  1. Select the gear icon () in the upper right corner of the board.
  2. In the dialog that opens next, select the job sites you want to include in the view.
  3. Select Create a view.
  4. Specify a name for the view and select Create.
  5. Access the new view from the list in the upper right corner of the board.

Expand/collapse all crews

Using the expand/collapse button in the upper right corner of the board, you can expand or collapse all the crew schedules at once. When a schedule is expanded, you can see the full list of crew members. The following GIF illustrates the actions.

Expanding and collapsing crews

Expanding and collapsing crews

Enter full-screen

Using the full-screen button, you can expand the board to fit the entire screen of your device. The following screenshot highlights the button.

Full-screen button

Full-screen button