Overview of employee documentation.

The Employees module is where you manage your employees, who are the personnel that work at job sites. Employees are represented by the Employee and PM default roles and all the custom roles created from the Employee and PM templates. Learn more about roles and role templates in Role permissions.

Employees are managed from the Employees tab of your MobiClocks Admin App.



Your role needs to have a View “Employees” tab permission activated under Web App > Administration > Role Permissions > Employees to be able to access the employee tab.

In the Admin App, employees can be added to your MobiClocks environment manually. You can import employees from third-party services using the MobiClocks Web App.

Employee details are managed from the employee profile, and there are also a few additional sections in the employee details page for managing employee certifications, employee timelogs, and more.

Lastly, all the employee profiles are collected in the employee list, where you can apply search and filters to locate the profiles you need.