Manually create a timelog

How you can manually create a timelog from the Web App.

To manually create a timelog from the Admin App, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the timelogs list.
  2. Choose a job site from the Job Sites navbar.
  3. Set a date for which you want to create a timelog.
  4. Select the New Timelog button.
Creating a new timelog

Creating a new timelog

In the dialog box that opens next, choose the employees you want to create a timelog for.

**Add new timelog** dialog box

Add new timelog dialog box

In the All filters menu you can select if you want to choose from All employees or only from the employees of the selected job site. Additionally, you can filter the employee list by Companies and Pay group. The following screenshot shows the filtering options.

Employee filters

Employee filters



You may create a timelog for the selected job site's employees if you have the Add new timelog from job site employees permission enabled for your role in Web App > Administration > Role Permissions > Timelogs. Similarly, you may access the complete employee list and create a timelog if you have the Add new timelog from All employees permission enabled under the same role permission settings.

Select one or more employee profiles and then select the Add button. When you select the Add button, the dialog box will close, and you'll see a new empty timelog in the timelogs list. Proceed to the Editing and applying actions to timelogs guide to see how you can edit an empty timelog and add entries.