Connect a general contractor

A step-by-step guide to connecting a general contractor.

As a subcontractor, you can use Mobilink to connect with one or more of your general contractors (GCs) and share data from selected job sites. In this topic, you'll find the steps you need to perform to connect a GC and share data.

Step 1: Get the authentication key

Get the unique authentication key generated by your GC.

Step 2: Add the key

To apply the key, perform the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Administration () > MobiLink > Connect General Contractors.
  2. Paste the key and select CONNECT.
  3. If authentication is completed successfully, the connected general contractor will be added to the list of general contractors below with the Connection status of Connected.

Step 3: Share job sites with your general contractor

Now that you've established the connection with your GC, you need to specify which job sites are going to be shared with them. To do that, navigate to the MobiLink section of job site settings and, from the list of connected general contractors, select the general contractor you want to share job site data with. Select Share job site to finalize.

Next, under Data shared with GC, you have granular settings to customize data-sharing preferences. The following preferences are available:

Step 4. Map with GC job sites

Next, your general contractor needs to map the job sites shared by you to those in their MobiClocks environment to start receiving data.

Step 5. Share data

After job sites are mapped, your general contractor will have up-to-date data for each job site in their environment.