Map pay IDs for exporting

How to add payroll items and map them to pay IDs.

In MobiClocks, you set up pay IDs to categorize the work accomplished by employees as well as account for cases of absence. However, if you're working with third-party software, it can have pay IDs named differently. Therefore, if you need to export payroll reports to an integrated software, you also need to explicitly map your MobiClocks pay IDs to the equivalent pay IDs in the third-party software. To do that, you first need to add the pay IDs of the integrated platform, which are called payroll items, to your environment.

Add payroll items

Payroll items are the pay IDs of an integrated platform that need to be mapped to your MobiClocks pay IDs to allow for payroll exporting. Payroll items are stored under Administration () > Payroll > Payroll Items. There are two methods you can use to add payroll items to your environment, which are discussed next.

Import payroll items

The first method is importing payroll items from MobiClocks integrations. As a rule, if an integration supports payroll publishing it also supports payroll item importing. Therefore, you can import all the payroll items at once. However, if the third-party platform you want to export payroll reports to isn't integrated with MobiClocks, you need to create the payroll items manually, which is described next.

Create payroll items manually

Follow these steps to create a payroll item manually:

  1. In your MobiClocks Web App, navigate to Administration () > Payroll > Payroll Items.
  2. Select the Create button.
  3. Fill in the following fields:
    1. Name. The name of the payroll item.
    2. Description. Describe the payroll item.
    3. Note. Add a note if needed.
  4. Select the Create button to add the new payroll item to the list.

After adding the payroll items, you can proceed to establish mappings between pay IDs and payroll items.

Create payroll mapping groups

You can create multiple mapping groups that can be applied to different companies or employees. See Apply payroll mapping groups for more details on this. To create a mapping group, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Administration () > Payroll > Payroll Mapping Groups in your Web App.
  2. Select the ADD MAPPING GROUP button. A window should appear that includes a list of pay IDs and payroll items next to each other.
  3. Name the mapping group.
  4. Select all the pay IDs that need to be mapped.
  5. Next to each selected pay ID, choose a corresponding payroll item. See Add payroll items for details on adding payroll items to your environment.
  6. Choose if the mapping group needs to be set as a default one for hourly and salary employees. See Apply payroll mapping groups for more information on default mapping groups.
  7. Select the SAVE button to save the changes and create the mapping.

Apply payroll mapping groups

If you have default mapping groups, they are applied to all the companies and employees by default. You can also apply other payroll mapping groups to specific companies in the company details page or to employees in the employee profile.