Additional employee details

Employee timelogs, documents, and other details.

By default, apart from the Profile tab, you have the Timelogs tab in the employee details page. Next, you'll see the Cost Coding tab if the feature is enabled for your MobiClocks environment from the Admin Portal. Lastly, a Certification tab will also appear if the feature is enabled from Administration > Safety > Certificaiton. This topic provides an overview of each of the above-mentioned sections.


While the Timelogs page provides a complete list of timelogs for all the employees, this section in the employee profile shows only the timelogs associated with the selected employee.

Here, you can manually create a new timelog for the selected employee as well as use the Get Time Card button to generate an Employee Time Card report.

Cost Coding

This section is similar to the Cost Coding page of the Web App. The only difference is that you cost code the selected employee's timelogs only.


Here, you can view all the certifications that the employee already possesses as well as add a new certification using the Add Certification button. The certification types that are available for selection are set from Administration > Safety > Certifications.



Your role needs to have the Add/edit permission activated under Administration > Role Permissions > Employees to be able to add or edit certifications. In addition, it needs to have a Delete certification permission, set under the same settings, to be able to delete employee certifications.