Construction management software.

Acumatica is an enterprise resource planning system for small- and mediuum-sized businesses. It offers products for financial management, project accounting, CRM, payroll management, and more. Construction is one of the key industries Acumatica focuses on, and you can integrate it with MobiClocks to serve as your data source or process payroll.


Acumatica is a cloud-based solution and can be accessed through a web browser.

Setup and integration

Follow these steps to connect Acumatica with MobiClocks.

Step 1: Add a Client ID and Secret

In your Acumatica account, select Integration from the left-hand navbar and select Connected Applications. Select the plus (+) icon to add a new record and fill in the following fields:

  • Client Name. Add a preferred name.
  • Flow. Choose the Authorization Code option.
  • Plug-in. Leave the No Plug-In option.

Next, in the SECRETS tab of the application, select ADD SHARED SECRET to create a secret authentication key. Fill in the following fields in the dialog that opens next:

  • Description. Add a custom description for the secret key.
  • Expires On (Optional). Select an expiration date.
  • Value. This is secret key that is generated automatically. Copy it before closing the dialog.

The following screenshot shows the dialog for adding a shared secret.

Adding a shared secret

Adding a shared secret

Select OK to close the dialog and save the shared secret. Go to MobiClocks > Integrations > Acumatica > Setup > Acumatica Authentication and paste the secret key under Secret Key.

Lastly, go back to Acumatica and save the newly created application. Copy the generated Client ID from Acumatica and paste it under Client ID in MobiClocks > Integrations > Acumatica > Setup > Acumatica Authentication.

Step 2: Add a redirect URL

In the application that you created in Step 1, navigate to the REDIRECT URLS tab, select the plus (+) icon and add a redirect URL. The URL needs to consist of your MobiClocks URL joined with the following parameters: /api/acumatica/oauth2redirect. Thus, if your MobiClocks URL is, for example,, your redirect URL becomes <

Step 3: Specify endpoints (Optional)

Acumatica has a default API endpoint that will be used by MobiClocks if you don't speicify anything else. However, you can also set up a custom endpoint if you want to control what data is shared with MobiClocks. To do that, follow these steps:

  1. In your Acumatica account, navigate to Integration > Web Service Endpoints.
  2. Select the Default endpoint from the list.
  3. In the endpoint details, select EXTEND ENDPOINT.
  4. Add a name and version for the new endpoint and select OK.
  5. Customize the endpoint based on your requirements.
  6. Copy the new endpoint name and paste it under Endpoint in MobiClocks > Integrations > Acumatica > Setup > Acumatica Authentication.

Step 4: Authenticate with Acumatica

You should now have Client ID, Secret Key, and Endpoint (if you've chosen to configure a custom endpoint) filled in under MobiClocks > Integrations > Acumatica > Setup > Acumatica Authentication. The last step is adding your Acumatica Domain. For example, if your Acumatica account URL is your domain is mycompany.

After filling in the domain, perform the following steps:

  1. Select CONNECT to connect MobiClocks with Acumatica.
  2. Configure the connection permissions. It is recommended to keep the Offline Access checkbox selected so as not to have to reauthenticate again in the future.
  3. Select Yes, Allow to finalize.

The following screenshot shows the permissions configuration screen.

Acumatica permissions

Acumatica permissions

Payroll publishing

The Acumatica integration supports payroll publishing.

Under Employee time activity publish settings (employee time activity corresponds to payroll in MobiClocks) in MobiClocks > Integrations > Acumatica > Setup, you can specify if the Hold and Billable fields are going to be checked (marked as Yes) in the payroll published to Acumatica.

Data sync and import

Acumatica can serve as a data source for your MobiClocks environment. The Acumatica integration supports data sync and import for the following modules:

Automatic sync, import, and update

Additionally, you can configure the integration to automatically sync, import, or update the selected modules in MobiClocks > Integrations > Acumatica > Setup.

The following screenshot shows the auto-sync settings.

Auto-sync settings

Auto-sync settings

To set up auto-sync, select the checkboxes next to the modules you want to auto-sync and select SAVE. Auto-import and auto-update setups work the same way.