Employee list

How the employees list is organized and what it includes.

The employee list is a table with employee names and a number of employee properties. You can access the table by navigating to the Employees page from the left-hand navbar in your MobiClocks Web App.

Clicking on the employee entry takes you to the employee profile, where you can edit employee details. The table has the following fields:

Employee card

You can also select the employee's profile picture to open the employee card, which is a summary of the key employee details. The following screenshot shows an example of an employee card.

Employee card

Employee card

The card includes the following details:

  • Profile picture
  • Name
  • Employee number. The employee number assigned to the employee.
  • Pay group. Employee's pay group.
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Job title. Employee's job title.
  • Company. The company that the employee is assigned to. The history of past companies is available as well.
  • Skills. The skill tagsadded in the employee profile.
  • Certificaiton. Employee's certifications if any.
  • Main job site. The main job site of the employee. The history of past main job sites is available as well.

Customizing and filtering the employee list

Each of the fields mentioned above has search or filtering options that you can use to locate employee profiles based on your chosen criteria. Additionally, the more icon in the top left corner of the table opens a menu where you can choose which columns to display. Some columns are mandatory, while others are optional. The folllowing screenshot shows the column visibility menu.

Column visibility selection

Column visibility selection

Lastly, you have an option to filter out employee profiles based on when they have last been active in the system. Apart from the Show All option selected by default, you have Inactive for 3 weeks and Inactive for custom period, which you can select and enter a custom period of time. The following screenshot shows the filtering options.

"Inactive" filter

Employee filtering based on inactivity