Job site list

How to view and navigate the job site list.

The job site list contains all the job sites that have ever been added in your MobiClocks environment. The list has two views, List view and Map view, so this topic discusses each of these views separately.

List view

a screenshot of the job sites list view

Job Site List view

In List view, you have a list of all the job sites represented through a table that contains the following fields:

  • Job site number. Each job site has a unique identification number that is specified when creating the job site. You can also search by job site number using the search field below the field name.
  • Job site name. The name of the job site. Search is also available similar to the Job site number field.
  • Status. Shows the status of the job site. Read more in Job site settings.
  • Assigned employees. The number of employees assigned to the job site. Read more in Job site employees.
  • On site/Today. The number of employees that have attended the job site on a given day.
  • Organization Unit. This field will be available, showing the Organization Unit that the job site belongs to, if your Mobiclocks environment is converted to an enterprise structure.
  • Certified. Shows if a job site has certified payroll enabled. You can enable or disable the setting from the list as well.
  • Face Recognition. Shows if a job site has face recognition activated and lets you switch the setting.
  • Lunch Policy. Shows if a job site has lunch policy turned on. You can switch the toggle as well.
  • Break Policy. Shows if a job site has break policy enabled. You can enable or disable the setting from the list as well.


Using the Export option, you can export the job site list as a PDF or Excel file. If the list is filtered through search or filtering options, the filtered version is exported.

Today's activity

The Today's activity button exports a list of all the employees who have attended the job sites in the list. It includes employee name, punch in and punch out times, and more.

Create Job Site

Using this button, you can manually create a new job site.

Map view

The Map view shows a world map with job site location pins. Hovering over the pin reveals the job site number and name. Additionally, you can navigate to job site settings by clicking on the pin. The following GIF shows the map view and the actions that can be performed on it.

job site map view

Job site map view

The Map view includes the Today's Activity and Create Job Site options similar to the List view.