General settings for timezones, measurements units, and more.


Here, you can set a timezone that will be used as a default timezone throughout your environment. For example, if you don't indicate a timezone for a job site, the default one will be used.


The default country will be used in those cases when no specific option is indicated. For example, when importing job sites from third-party services, if the job site's country is not indicated, MobiClocks automatically assigns the default country.

Measurement unit

Here, you specify the measurement unit that is used for indicating or calculating distance. For example, distance measurements are used in employee travel settings.

System Time Format

Choose the time format to be used in your MobiClocks environment.

Time Card Signature

In the employee profile's Timelogs section, you have the option to download a time card with a list of employee timelogs for the selected period. Here, you can customize the signature text for the time card, which is usually used to let employees confirm that the time card data is accurate and sign it.

Geofence auto-apply

Geofences can be applied to job sites manually. However, if you activate the Geofence auto-apply option, a geofence circle will be applied around job site's location automatically when the job site is created. After you activate the setting, you can also specify the radius of the circle. Learn more about geofences in Job site settings.

Employee Manual Creation

Choose if you wish to allow manually creating employeesin your MobiClocks environment. If manual creation is deactivated, you can still add new employees by importing them from third parties.

Company Manual Creation

If this option is enabled, it becomes possible to add new companies to your MobiClocks environment manually. If the option is disabled, it's still possible to add companies through importing them from third parties.