Connect a subcontractor

A step-by-step guide to connecting a subcontractor.

As a general contractor, you can use Mobilink to connect with one or more of your subcontractors and get data from selected job sites. In this topic, you'll find the steps you need to perform to connect a subcontractor and view shared data.

Step 1: Generate a unique key

To establish a connection with a subcontractor, you need to generate a unique key and share it with them. To do that, perform the following steps in your MobiClocks Web App:

  1. Navigate to Administration () > MobiLink > Manage Subcontractors.
  3. Add a note if needed and select GENERATE KEY.
  4. Copy the key.
  5. Share the key with your subcontractor.

After generating the key, the new subcontractor will be added to the list of subcontractors with a Connection status of PENDING.

Step 2: Establish the connection

Your subcontractor needs to apply the key to establish the connection. As soon as the connection is established, the subcontractor's Connection status will change to CONNECTED. The key expires if it is not applied by the subcontractor within five days.

Step 3: Get access to job sites

Your subcontractor needs to share the job sites that are going to be accessed by you.

Step 4: Map job sites

Next, you need to map the job sites shared by your subcontractors to your job sites to view the shared data there. To do that, navigate to Administration () > MobiLink > Manage Subcontractors and select Map Job Sites in the subcontractor's Actions column. In the dialog that opens next, you have the list of job sites that the subcontractor has shared with you and can map them to job sites of your own. Select SAVE when you're done.

You can see the linked subcontractor job sites under MobiLink > Linked subcontractors of your job site settings.



You can map more than one subcontractor job site to a job site of your own and view all the data in a single job site.

Step 5. View subcontractor data

After mapping job sites, view subcontractor data in the MobiLink tab of your job site details. You can see which employees have worked on the selected day, their punch-in and punch-out times, and other information. The following screenshot shows the MobiLink section with subcontractor data.

The MobiLink section with subcontractor data

The MobiLink section with subcontractor data



Shared job site data is updated every five minutes. Also, it can take up to five minutes to receive data if you've just connected the subcontractor.

The following fields are included:

  • Employee Name
  • Crew tag. Employee's crew tag.
  • Job Title. Employee's job title.
  • Company. The name of the subcontractor.
  • Timelog. Employee's timelog with punch-in and punch-out times. Select the open icon (>>) to view timelog details in a pop-up, which is an optimized version of the timelog details page.

You can also view subcontractor data in the Overview section of job site details, which provides a visual representation of employee activities for the selected period.