Companies list

Overview of the companies list page.

The list of companies can be accessed by selecting Companies from the left-hand navbar of your MobiClocks Web App. It contains a table with all the companies that have been addedto your MobiClocks environment.



You may access the Companies module if you have the View "Companies" tab permission enabled for your role in Administration > Role Permissions > Companies.

The table contains the following fields:

  • Company name
  • Prefix. A unique identifier that is assigned to a company upon creation.
  • Synced status. Shows if the company has been created manually or imported from a MobiClocks integration.
  • Address
  • Contact info. Company contact information including a Contact Name, Phone Number, and Email.
  • Payroll company. Choose if timelogs generated by company employees appear in the payroll dashboard to be used for payroll report generation.
  • Active Employees. The number of active employees that are part of the company.
  • Status. Shows whether the company status is Active or Disabled. Read more in Manually add a company.

Additionally, there is a more menu at the top of the table that lets you choose which fields to show or hide. The following screenshot shows the menu and where it's accessed from.

Field visibility

Field visibility