Introduction to Admin App

What the admin app is used for and who its users are.

The MobiClocks Admin App is the optimized version of the Web App and is intended for field managers, such as project managers, foremen, superintendents, and others, who work at job sites and need a convenient way to access and manage timelogs, employees, production quantity, and other data relevant to their job. Therefore, the Admin App has been created as a mobile app for tablets, which lets you use it on the go as well as have a convenient screen size that fits the structure and layout of the data.



The Admin App is currently available on iOS only.

The documentation on Admin App is organized into sections that correspond to individual modules that are included in the app. In cases when a feature or permission that is referred to is not available in the Admin App, you'll either see an explicit mention of the other MobiClocks product that includes it (for example, "the setting needs to be enabled for your role in Web App > Administration > Role Permissions") or a link to the other product's documentation that includes more details on the subject.