Timelogs list

Overview of the timelogs list.

The Timelogs module is the first tab in the left-side navbar of the Web App. When you open the tab, you arrive at the list of timelogs for the current day. The following sections discuss different components of the timelogs list to help you navigate the list and locate entries.

Flags filter and date picker

At the top of the page, you have the flags filter, which lets you filter flagged timelogs by different flag types. For more information on flag types and when they are applied, see Flags.

Next, below the flag filter, you have a date picker to filter the timelogs list by date.

screenshot of the timelogs list with date picker and flag filter highlighted

Flag filter and date picker

Then, you have the timelogs table, where the timelogs are grouped by the job site. So, you select the job site and view all the timelogs that have been registered for that job site on the selected date. Job site selection is done through the Job Sites navbar, which is discussed next.

Job Sites navbar

Viewing timelogs for different Job Sites

Viewing timelogs for different job sites

Each job site entry in the navbar contains the job site name, number, and the number of timelogs with an entry. Apart from letting you select a job site to view corresponding timelogs, the Job Sites navbar has some additional functionality:

  • Search. Search job sites by their name.
  • Hide empty. Hide all the job sites that don't contain any timelogs with entries.
  • Expand. Expand the job site to navigate to its list of employees. The following GIF shows the process of expanding a job site entry from the Job Sites navbar.
Expanding a job site

Expanding a job site

  • Pin. Pin a job site to always keep it at the top of the navbar.
Job site pin

Job site pin

Timelogs table

The timelogs table is where you see a list of timelogs filtered by job site, date, and other parameters. The timelogs table has a number of fields, some of which are fixed, while others can be shown or hidden. You choose which fields to display from the More menu at the top of the table.



If a certain property is deactivated for your Mobiclocks environment, the corresponding field will not appear in the More menu.

The following fields are available for the timelogs table:

  • Employee (fixed). Employee name, which can be selected to access the employee profile.
  • Employee Organization Unit. Shows the organization unit of the employee. The field is displayed only if your environment is converted to an organization unit.
  • Crew Tag. Shows the crew tagof employees if any.
  • Company. Shows employee's company.
  • Pay Group. Is the employee paid hourly or through a salary.
  • Punch In/Punch Out (fixed). Shows timelog punch date and time.
  • Hours (fixed). Shows the overall duration of the timelog.
  • Time & mileage. Shows time and mileage details.
  • Lunch Policy. Shows lunch policy details.
  • Break Policy. Shows break policy details.
  • Flag/Comment (fixed). Shows flag and comment information and a link to access timelog details and flags.