Cost Codes

Cost code settings.

In this section, you have the settings related to cost coding.

Cost Code Favorites

If a cost code is applied the number of times specified here, it is added to a separate Favorites section in the Cost Codes menu of the Cost Coding section in Web App. See Apply cost codes for more details.

Cost Code Creation Policy

With this setting, you can allow creating cost codes manually. Cost codes can also be imported from a file or from a third-party software.

Cost Code on Punch Out

If this setting is enabled, you can allow employees to cost-code their own timelogs on punch-out. After activating the setting here, it also needs to be enabled for each employee individually in the employee profile.



Employees may do their own cost coding if the Self cost coding permission is enabled for their role in Administration () > Role Permissions > Cost coding.

Auto-apply cost codes

If this setting is enabled, employee default cost codes are applied automatically to employee timelogs. Learn more in Apply cost codes automatically.

Default cost code apply time

Specify a time when the process of auto-applying cost codes takes place each day.