What you can accomplish with MobiClocks integrations.

MobiClocks is a dedicated employee time management tool made for the construction industry, but time management is only one area you may be dealing with as a construction company, and you are probably using other tools to help you with other aspects of your work. To let you connect and share data with the various tools you are using, MobiClocks offers integrations with industry-leading construction management, payroll, accounting, and other software. Moreover, new integrations are being introduced regularly.

Here are the two main tasks you can accomplish with integrations:

  • Manage payroll data. In MobiClocks, you can generate payroll reports based on the collected data. However, in order to process your payroll, you need to import the data to specialized accounting or payroll software. To streamline that process, you can connect with a platform that supports payroll publishing and have payroll reports automatically exported to that platform after being approved by you.
  • Use an external data source. If you already have your data on employees, job sites, and other aspects of your business on another platform, you can connect the platform to MobiClocks to sync all the data and import it to your MobiClocks environment. You have full control over the process and can see what data is synced and choose what exactly to import.

See the How integrations work guide for some generic information on how integrations are set up, how data sync works, and so on. Additionally, there is a separate article on each of the integrations that includes details on how to set up the integration, what functionality it supports, and more. The following integrations are available: