Overview of documentation on clocks.

The Clocks module is divided into two sections: Kiosk clocks and Personal clocks. Kiosk clocks serve as a connection point between the MobiClocks Web App and Kiosk App and include a number of settings that define the functionality of the connected Kiosk App. In turn, personal clocks are for monitoring user activity, such as logins and punches, on Personal Apps. Proceed to the following sections for more details on each clock type.



You may access the Clocks module if you have the View "Clocks" tab permission enabled for your role in Administration () > Role Permissions > Clocks.

Kiosk clocks

As already mentioned, kiosk clocks serve as a connection point between the Web App and Kiosk App. Therefore, to set up a Kiosk App on your device, you first need to create a kiosk clock in the Web App and use it to activate the Kiosk App on the device. Next, in clock settings, you can select the job sites where the Kiosk App is going to be used and configure some additional settings.

See Add a Kiosk clock and View and edit Kiosk clocks for more details on configuring kiosk clocks.

Personal clocks

A personal clock is created automatically when an employee logs in to a MobiClocks Personal App through a user account. Thus, personal clocks serve a purely informative purpose and show information about employee activity, the devices and Personal App versions employees are using, last active date, and other information. See Personal clocks to learn more.