Policy groups

Policy group types and how to create a new policy.

A policy group is a set of policies created using system policy rules that define the cases when such pay IDs as OT (Overtime), DT (Double-time), SFT (Shift Differential), and HOL WORK (Holiday Work) are applied to the work of employees. A policy group can reflect company, state, union, or other relevant policies that apply to your organization.

System policy groups

System policy groups are common policy groups used by state governments, labor unions, and similar. They are available for your environment by default and you choose whether to use them or not. To use a system policy group, select ADD TO MY POLICIES on the group entry as shown in the following screenshot.

Selected system policy groups appear under MY POLICY GROUPS.

My policy groups

Under MY POLICY GROUPS, you see the policies selected from SYSTEM POLICY GROUPS and can also create new policies.

You can set any of the policies as default from the ACTIONS menu. The default policy is applied to all the employees, but you can also override it on an employee level employee level, selecting a different policy for a particular employee.

Create a new policy group

To get started, select CREATE POLICY GROUP. In the dialog that opens next, enter a name for the policy.

Configure policy settings

The following settings are available:

  • The start and end times of the working day
  • The duration of the working day
  • The duration of the working week

Add shift differentials (optional)

Here, you can specify up to three shift differential periods. There is also an Include holiday time in SFT option that lets you apply shift differential on top of work performed during holidays.

Add a holiday policy (optional)

Here, you can select a policy for the work performed during holidays. The following options are available:

  • Always double-time on holiday. Holiday work (HOL_WORKpay ID) is paid at the double-time pay rate.
  • Always overtime on holiday. Holiday work (HOL_WORKpay ID) is paid at the overtime pay rate.

Select CREATE GROUP to save the new policy.

Specify policy rules

After the new policy is saved, you can expand its entry under MY POLICY GROUPS and add System policy rules for each day of the week. To do that, select ADD NEW next to the day of the week as highlighted in the following screenshot.

Adding policy rules for a particular day of the week

Adding policy rules for a particular day of the week

In the dialog that opens next, select a rule from the list of policy rules.



You can select only one rule for a particular day with the exception of shift differential rules, as a shift differential is applied on top of other pay IDs.