Cost coding

How to cost code your own timelogs and those of your team.

In the Cost Codes section of the Personal App, you can cost code timelogs. See Cost coding for more information on cost coding and how it works in MobiClocks. If your role is PM or derived from a PM, you see two tabs:

  • Crew cost coding. Here, you can access all the timelogs from the job sites you're assigned to and cost code them.
  • Self cost coding. Here, you cost code your own timelogs.

If your role is Employee or derived from an Employee, you see your own timelogs only.



You may cost code your own timelogs if you have the Self cost coding permission enabled for your role in Web App > Administration () > Role Permissions > Cost coding.

The following screenshot shows the cost coding section of the Personal App as seen by a PM role.

Cost coding

Cost coding

The following steps describe the process of applying a cost code to a timelog.

Step 1: Select a timelog

To cost code someone else's timelog, select the job site under Crew cost coding, select the name of the employee, and choose a timelog you want to cost code. To cost code your own timelog, choose it from the list.

The timelog entry contains the name and number of the job site, the date it was generated on, the timelog duration, and the pay ID. Also, a cost code is indicated if the timelog has already been cost-coded, or it says Not cost- coded. Tap on Not cost-coded to add a cost code (if a cost code already exists, you can tap on it to edit). The following screenshot shows a timelog that has not been cost-coded yet.

A timelog that hasn't been cost-coded yet

A timelog that hasn't been cost-coded yet

Step 2: Apply cost codes

After entering the cost coding screen, you see the list of the available cost codes and a plus (+) icon next to each one. Cost codes are set up in the MobiClocks Web App for each job site. Learn more in Define cost codes.



You can apply cost codes only to timelogs with an entry.

Tap on the plus (+) icon to apply the cost code to the timelog. You can apply multiple cost codes to a single timelog, distributing the timelog duration between the cost codes. If the selected job site is certified, you can also apply pay classes together with cost codes. See Pay classes for more information on pay classes and when they are used.

The following screenshot shows an example of applying two cost codes along with pay classes to a timelog.

Cost codes applied

Cost codes applied

As you can see, the duration of the timelog is 3h, which has been distributed across the two cost codes, resulting in a 2h duration for the first cost code and 1h for the second one.

Step 3: Save changes

Lastly, when you're done applying cost codes, select the Save button to save your changes.