Manually create an employee

Creating an individual employee profile manually.

This guide provides step-by-step instructions for manually creating an employee profile.

Step 1: Create a new employee profile

In your MobiClocks Admin App, navigate to the Employees tab of the left-hand navbar and select the Add new employee button.



Your role needs to have a Create new employee permission under Web App > Administration > Role Permissions > Employees to be able to create an employee.



If Employee Manual Creation is not activated for your MobiClocks environment in Web App > Administration > Settings > General, the Add new employee button will not be available.

Step 2: Select a role

Select the employee's role from the list of available roles. What roles are available depends on your setup in Web App > Administration > Settings > Role Permissions.

Step 3 (visible based on configuration): Select an organization unit

Next comes the Organization Unit field where you select the organization unit that the employee is assigned to.



You’ll see the Organization Unit field only if your MobiClocks environment is converted to an enterprise structure.



Your role needs to have an Assign to organization unit permission under Web App > Administration > Role Permissions > Employees to be able to assign employees to organization units.

Step 4: Add an employee name

Next, fill in the First name and Last name fields.

Step 5: Select a company

Assign the employee to a company using the list of available companies.



If your environment is converted to an enterprise structure, the list of companies is filtered based on the selection of an organization unit done in Step 3 of this guide.

Step 6: Add an employee number

Further on, you have the employee number, which is a unique identification number assigned to each employee. There are two methods for specifying employee numbers:

  • Generated automatically
  • Entered manually

Which method is applicable for a given employee, depends on the Employee Number Policy setting of the employee's company configured in company details.

Step 7: Select a pay group

Here, you choose whether the employee is paid on an hourly basis or through a monthly salary.

Step 8 (optional): Add a profile picture

There’s also the profile picture field, which is optional. So, you can create an employee without adding a profile pic, but you won’t be able to activate the employee profile without a profile pic.

Step 9: Finalize the setup

When you’re done, select the Create Employee button at the top to create the employee entry. As soon as the employee is created, you’ll be taken to the employee’s newly created profile, where you’ll see some additional details under Profile Info.



By default, the employee profile has a Draft status. You’ll be able to activate it as soon as you fill in all the required fields and add a profile picture. If the requried fields and profile picture are set prior to selecting the Create Employee button, the status will change to Active automatically upon creating the profile.