Introduction to Kiosk App

Brief overview of the functionality and purpose of the Kiosk App.

The MobiClocks Kiosk App is a kiosk software that provides an interface for employees to punch on job sites and is fully adapted for fieldwork. A device with the Kiosk App is supposed to be installed in the job site area, and employees can approach it when entering or leaving the job site to register. If face recognition is enabled, employees are asked to take photos of themselves when punching in or out, and the Kiosk App applies face recognition to identify employees.

A single Kiosk App can be configured to work within multiple geofence zones. The Kiosk App can also work offline, adapting to different job site conditions.

Proceed to the Set up Kiosk App topic to learn how to get started with the Kiosk App. Next, the Punch in and out topic is a step-by-step breakdown of the employee punch-in and punch-out flows.


Since all the job site employees are supposed to have access to the Kiosk App, the core features such as punch-in or punch-out are accessible to anyone. Meanwhile, administrative functions, such as viewing the job site's employee roster, are only available to managing personnel through authentication. Learn more in Kiosk App management.