Sage 100

ERP accounting solution.

Sage 100 is an ERP Accounting solution that offers more than regular accounting packages and possesses some basic manufacturing and distribution capabilities. It offers such features as inventory management, CRM, credit card processing, business insights, and others.


Sage 100 is hosted on-premises.

Setup and integration

To set up Sage 100 and connect it with MobiClocks, you need to contact the MobiClocks team.

Payroll publishing

The Sage 100 integration supports payroll publishing. After connecting the platform with MobiClocks, when you move a payroll item to Published in the payroll dashboard, the payroll report is automatically sent to Sage 100 where it can then be processed.

Data sync and import

Sage 100 can serve as a data source for your MobiClocks environment. The integration supports data sync and import for the following modules: