Punch in and out

A step-by-step breakdown of the employee punch-in and punch-out flows.

To make the Kiosk App ready for operating on a job site, you need to set it up first. See Set up Kiosk App for more details. As soon as the app is set up, you need to select the job site that the app should operate on.

Select a job site

If you've added more than one job site when setting up the Kiosk clock, you first need to select the job site where you want the Kiosk App to operate.



If the Roaming option is activated in Kiosk clock settings, all the job sites from your MobiClocks environment become available for selection in the Kiosk App.

Switching job sites requires authentication, and only PMs or roles derived from the PM template can authenticate. The following screenshot highlights the job site selection list in the Kiosk App.

Job site selection in the Kiosk App

Job site selection in the Kiosk App

However, if geofence lock is activated in the connected kiosk clock settings, the following cases are possible:

  • The Kiosk App device is within the geofence zone of one of the available job sites. In this case, the system automatically switches to that job site without requiring authentication.
  • The Kiosk App device is beyond any of the available geofence zones. In this case, punching is deactivated.



If the geofence lock is on, but a job site doesn't have any geofence zones specified, punching is never available for that job site.

Employee punch-in

After selecting the job site, you can start registering employee punches. To punch in to a job site, the employee needs to perform the following steps.

Step 1: Select Punch In

The employee needs to select the Punch In button from the home screen of the Kiosk App.

Step 2: Take a photo or enter the employee number

If Face recognition is activated in job site settings, employees are required to take a photo of themselves. Additionally, the following checks can be applied depending on your configuration:

  • If the Sunglasses/Face mask option is activated in kiosk clock settings, the system also checks for sunglasses, face mask, or anything else that covers the employee's face. If anything is detected, the app asks the employee to remove it before taking the photo.
  • If Liveness Detection is activated in kiosk clock settings, the system also checks for face liveness after the photo is submitted. If the liveness percentage is below the specified threshold, the punch is flagged as Face Spoofing, but the employee still punches in successfully.



If multiple faces are detected in the photo taken by the employee, the one that occupies the most area inside the photo is processed.

If Face recognition is not activated, employees are asked to enter their employee number. Additionally, face recognition is switched off if the device is in offline mode. In this case, the punch is flagged as offline mode, and the employee is asked to enter the employee number. Offline punches are stored until the device goes online and can submit them to the system.

Step 3: Identification

If identification is done through the employee number, the system can either detect the provided employee number and register the punch-in under the employee's name or conclude that there's no such employee number.

If Face recognition is activated, it is applied to the photo taken by the employee to identify the person and record the punch-in under the employee's name. The following outcomes are possible:

  • The employee is recognized and the punch-in is successful.
  • The employee is not recognized and the attempt is unsuccessful. After three unsuccessful attempts, the employee is required to enter the employee number, and the punch is flagged as a Pin Punch.
  • The system establishes a close match with an existing employee profile. In this case, the employee is required to enter the employee number, and the punch is flagged as a Pin Punch.

Step 4: Safety requirements

If you have an attestation dialog enabled for punch-in under Web App > Administration () > Safety > Disclaimer and Attestation, the employees need to accept it first to complete the punch.

Additionally, if you have Affidavit set up, new employees must accept it on their first punch-in.

Employee punch-out

When employees complete their daily work and prepare to leave the job site, they need to punch out. The punch-out flow is similar to the punch-in flow discussed earlier, and the same requirements and settings, apart from Affidavit, apply.



If a Cool Down Time is specified in Administration () > Settings > Punch and Timelogs, the employee is not able to punch out earlier than the specified time.

Punch-in and punch-out times are recorded under the employee's daily timelog. To learn more about how timelogs work, see the Timelogs topic. Also, you can learn about additional timelog and punch settings that have not been discussed here in Punch and Timelogs.

Additional configuration

In the upper right corner of the home screen, you have a language switcher and a refresh option. You can use the language switcher to change the language of the Kiosk App. The refresh option, in turn, refreshes the application to display up-to-date data. This can be useful if, for example, you have made changes to the Kiosk clock connected to the app or have modified the settings of one of the job sites.

The following screenshot highlights these two options on the Kiosk App home screen.

Refresh and language switcher

Refresh and language switcher options