What MobiLink is and how it works.

If you are a general contractor (GC) who has hired subcontractors for your construction project or if you have projects where you are a subcontractor yourself, you can use MobiLink to establish a secure connection between your MobiClocks environments. Using MobiLink, subcontractors can share real-time data on manpower, daily activities, punches, and more.

After establishing the connection, subcontractors need to choose the job sites they want to share. Next, GCs need to map the job sites shared by subcontractors to their job sites and can then monitor subcontractors' activities directly in their MobiClocks environment.

If you are a GC and want to connect a subcontractor, see the Connect a subcontractor guide. In turn, if you are a subcontractor and want to connect a GC, see the Connect a general contractor guide.