Punch and Timelogs

Overview of the settings related to punching and timelogs.

These settings dedicated to punching and timelogs.

Cool Down Time

Here, you can specify the minimum time between a punch-in and a punch-out.

Round Up Minutes

Under this setting, you choose a rounding precision for punch-in or punch-out times. The default value is 1m. In this case, if, for example, the exact punch-in time is 9:42:13 AM, it will be rounded down to 9:42 AM. In general, if the seconds' value is below 30, the system will round down to the nearest minute. If the seconds' value is 30 or above, the system will round up to the nearest minute.

Next, you have the 5m option, where the roundup or rounddown threshold is 2 minutes 30 seconds instead of 30 seconds, and the output numbers can be 9:40, 9:45, 9:50, and so on. The rest of the options function based on the same principle.

Salary Punch Policy

Choose if the Missed Punch flag applies to salary employees the same way as it applies to hourly employees. Read more on flag types in Flags.

Max Leave Request Time

Set the maximum duration for a leave request.

Punch Interval

Using this option, you can set a minimum interval between punches of the same type (punch-in or punch-out). If, for example, the value is set to 8h, and the employee punched in at 9 AM, they will not be able to punch in again before 5 PM.

Face Liveness Check

Here, you can choose whether to apply a face liveness check as well as set a threshold. As a result, if the liveness percentage is below the specified value, a Face Spoofing flag is applied to the timelog.

Job site-specific offline recognition

You can use this setting to restrict offline face recognition to match only against employees assigned to the current job site. It is recommended to enable the setting for higher face recognition accuracy if the job site has more than 200 employees.

Clear Flags

Using this option, you can clear all the flags from timelogs older than the specified date.

Lunch Policy

Choose if you want to apply a lunch policy to timelogsand specify the default duration. Read more on how lunch policy works in Job site settings.

Break Policy

Choose if you want to apply a break policy to timelogsand specify the default duration. Read more on how break policy works in Job site settings.

Timelog Duration

Using this option, you can specify a minimum duration for a timelog required for lunch policy and break policy to be applied.

Daily timelog approval

Here, you set the conditions that timelogs need to satisfy to be eligible for approval. Read more in Daily Timelog Review.