Apply cost codes

How cost codes are applied to timelogs.

As soon as you have defined cost codes, you can start applying them to timelogs. Cost codes can be applied in three ways:

  • Manual
  • Automatic
  • Employees can cost code their own timelogs.

The following sections discuss each method in detail.

Apply cost codes manually

The following is a step-by-step guide to manually applying cost codes.

Step 1: Select a date

In your MobiClocks Web App, navigate to the Cost Coding section from the left-hand navbar. Use the date picker to select the week for which you want to do cost coding, then select a specific day within that week.



You may access the Cost Coding section if you have the View "Cost Coding" tab permission enabled for your role in Administration > Role Permissions > Cost coding.

Step 2: Select a job site

Now, you need to select a job site, which is done from the Job Sites navbar on the left side. Apart from job site selection, the navbar has some additional functionality which is discussed in the Job Sites navbar section in Timelogs list, as the same navbar is used there as well.

Step 3: Apply filters (optional)

You can apply filters to filter out timelogs based on the selected criteria. The following options are available:

  • Weekly incomplete cost codes. The option filters out timelogs throughout the week that have an entry but don't have a cost code applied.
  • Weekly incomplete pay classes. The option is visible for certified job sites only and filters out timelogs throughout the selected week that are cost-coded but don't have pay classes specified. See Pay classes for more information on pay classes and their purpose.
  • Show non cost coded timelogs. This option is similar to the Weekly incomplete cost codes one but shows incomplete timelogs for the selected day instead of the whole week.
  • Hide empty timelogs. The option hides all the empty timelogs.

The following screenshot shows the list of the cost code filters.

Filtering options

Filtering options

Step 4: Apply cost codes

At this point, you should have the list of timelogs that need to be cost-coded and can start applying cost codes.



You can apply cost codes only to timelogs with an entry.

You have the list of all the cost codes for the selected job site in the right-hand menu named Cost Codes. If a cost code is used frequently enough, which is configured from Cost Code Favorites in Administration > Settings > Cost Codes, it is added to a Favorites section above All codes. If no cost code has been used frequently enough, the Favorites section is not shown. You can also filter the cost codes by Building name, which is the same as Building number specified when adding a cost code.



You may apply cost codes if you have the Cost code all timelogs permission enabled for your role in Administration > Role Permissions > Cost coding.

To apply a cost code, you need to drag it from the Cost Codes menu and drop it on a timelog. You can apply multiple cost codes to a single timelog, distributing the timelog duration between the cost codes. If the selected job site is certified, you can also apply pay classes together with cost codes. See Pay classes for more information on pay classes and when they are used.

When you're done applying cost codes, select the Save button to save your changes.

The following screenshot illustrates the process of applying cost codes and pay classes to a timelog.

Applying cost codes and pay classes

Applying cost codes and pay classes

Step 5: Actions (optional)

Using the cost code actions, you can apply or remove cost codes to or from multiple timelogs at once.

The following actions are available:

  • Bring From Previous Day. If an employee's timelog has a cost code applied to it on the day before the selected day of the week, the same cost code is applied to this employee's current timelog if there is any on the selected day.
  • Bring From Custom Day. This action works similar to the Bring From Previous Day action, but you can select any day of the week instead of the previous day.
  • Apply Default Cost Codes. Each employee can have a default cost code specified in the Employees section of a job site. Using this action, you can apply default employee cost codes to all the selected timelogs.
  • Clear Cost Codes. Removes all the cost codes from the selected timelogs.

After applying an action, select the Save button to save the changes.

Cost code actions

Cost code actions

Apply cost codes automatically

You can set a default cost code for each employee to be applied automatically on the timelogs generated by that employee. The setup involves the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Settings > Cost Codes to enable the Auto-apply cost codes setting and set a time when the auto-apply needs to run.
  2. Proceed to the job site list of your Web App and select a job site.
  3. Navigate to the Employees tab.
  4. For one or more employees, select a Default Cost Code from the list of cost codes defined for the selected job site.
Adding default cost codes to employees

Adding default cost codes to employees

The cost code auto-apply task runs every day at the time selected in the first step above and applies default cost codes to all the timelogs that meet the following criteria:

  • The timelog employee has a default cost code specified.
  • The timelog doesn’t have any cost codes applied yet (for example, a cost code has not been applied manually prior to running the auto-apply task).

Apply pay classes

If a job site is certified, you can apply pay classes along with cost codes. In this case, the employee entry in the Employees section also has a Default Pay Class field. Thus, if an employee has a default pay class specified, it will be applied together with the default cost code. See Pay classes for more information on pay classes and their purpose.

Allow self cost coding

You can let employees cost code their own timelogs through the Personal App by enabling the Self cost coding permission for them under Administration > Role permissions > Cost coding. Additionally, you can require them to cost code their timelogs on each punch-out by performing the following steps:

  1. Activate the Cost Code on Punch Out setting in Administration > Settings > Cost Codes.
  2. Enable self cost coding for individual employees in their profile settings.