Punch in and out

How to punch in and out using the Personal App.

The following is a step-by-step guide to punching in to and out of job sites using the Personal App. You punch from the home screen of the app. To get started, you need to select the job site you want to punch in to, which is discussed next.



You may punch in or out using the Personal App if the Allow personal app punches setting is activated in your employee profile.

Select a job site

If you are assigned to more than one job site, you first need to select a job site.



If the Roaming employee option is activated in your employee profile, you see the complete list of job sites in your organization and can select any of them.

If Geofence lock is activated in your employee profile, only the job sites that have a geofence zone matching your location appear in your list. If there is only one job site that matches your location, which is the case most of the time, it is auto-selected.

Therefore, if your device is beyond any of the available geofence zones, punching becomes deactivated.



If the geofence lock is on, but a job site doesn't have any geofence zones specified, it is never available for selection.

The following screenshot shows the Personal App home screen including the job site selection area.

Personal App home screen

Personal App home screen

You can either select the job site directly from the home screen or select View all to open the list of job sites in a separate screen, where you can also see geofence zones and search the list.

Punch in

After selecting the job site, you can punch in. To punch in to a job site, you need to perform the following steps.

Step 1: Select PUNCH IN

Select the PUNCH IN button from the home screen of the Personal App.

Step 2: Safety requirements

If the attestation dialog option is enabled for punch-in under Web App > Administration () > Safety > Disclaimer and Attestation, you need to accept it to proceed to the next step.

Additionally, if the Affidavit option is activated, you need to accept it on your first punch-in.

Step 3: Take a photo

If Face recognition is activated in job site settings, you are required to take a photo of yourself. Additionally, If Face Liveness Check is activated in Web App > Administration () > Settings > Punch and Timelogs, the system also checks for face liveness after the photo is submitted. If the liveness percentage is below the specified threshold, the punch is flagged as Face Spoofing, but you are still able to punch in successfully.

Step 4: Identification

If Face recognition is not activated, there is no identification process in place.

If Face recognition is activated, it is applied to the photo you took to identify you. The following outcomes are possible:

  • You are recognized, and the punch-in is successful.
  • You are not recognized, and the attempt is unsuccessful. After three unsuccessful attempts, you are eventually able to punch in, but the punch is flagged as a Pin Punch.

Lastly, if your device is offline, you are still able to punch in successfully, both with and without face recognition, but the punch is flagged as an Offline Punch. Offline punches are stored until the device goes online and can submit them to the system.



If GPS Tracking is activated for your user account, your location is tracked after the punch-in.

Note that location tracking is deactivated by default, and, if it's activated, MobiClocks only tracks your location when you're punched in and can't track it after the punch-out.

Punch out

When you complete your daily work and prepare to leave the job site, you need to punch out. The punch-out flow is similar to the punch-in flow discussed earlier, and the same requirements and settings, apart from the Affidavit, apply.



If a Cool Down Time is specified in Administration () > Settings > Punch and Timelogs, the employee is not able to punch out earlier than the specified time.

Punch-in and punch-out times are recorded under the employee's daily timelog. To learn more about how timelogs work, see the Timelogs topic. You can learn about additional timelog and punch settings that have not been discussed here in Punch and Timelogs.

Lastly, if cost code on punch-out is activated, you are also required to cost code your timelog on punch-out. See Cost coding to learn more about cost coding in the Personal App.