Timelog details

Overview of the timelog details section.

You can expand a timelog to see additional details as well as view and resolve flags. The following sections discuss such timelog details as punch photos, comments, action logs, and others.

You can access timelog details by clicking on the flag icon on the timelog row in the timelogs list, as shown in the following screenshot.

Accessing timelog details

Accessing timelog details

The details section is divided into multiple tabs (Entry 1, Entry 2, and so on) if the timelog contains multiple entries. Each tab contains information related to the entry including punch photos, comments, flags, and so on. The following sections discuss each of these timelog features in detail.

Timelog details

Timelog details

Punch photos

Each entry tab, if it's not a leave request, contains the profile photo of the employee and all the photos that have been taken by the employee when punching. Unsuccessful attempts, such as the cases when the employee's face wasn't recognized by the system, are marked red, while successful attempts are marked green. The following screenshot shows an example of a successful punch-in attempt.

Successful punch example

Successful punch example

Photos of unsuccessful attempts have an Add to face templates option, which adds the photo to the employee's photo library to be used for face recognition later on. From there, the photo can also be added as a profile picture. This can be useful if, for example, the appearance of the employee has changed, and the profile photo needs to be updated to reflect the current appearance.

**Add to face templates** option

Add to face templates option

General Details

Next, you have the General Details section, which contains all the timelog flagsand the following details:

  • The number of the job site the punch has been made at.
  • The name of the clock that has been used for the punch.
  • The date and time of the punch.
  • The type of network that has been used for the punch: WiFi, Offline, or Mobile.
  • The entry is marked as Safe punch if the employee has acknowledged the disclaimer before the punch.

Action Logs

Next to General Details, you have the Action Logs tab containing detailed logs on all the actions taken on the selected timelog entry. The following screenshot shows an example of the logs with information on punch times, manual updates, and so on.

Actions log example

Action logs example


The Comments section can be useful if you or your colleagues need to provide some additional information on the timelog. The section is divided into two tabs:

  • Internal. Internal comments visible only to Admins and PMs
  • Public. Comments are visible to Admins and PMs and also to the employee who has recorded the timelog.



You may add comments to a timelog if you have the Add Comments permission enabled for your role in Administration () > Role Permissions > Timelogs. In, addition you may resolve comments if you have the Resolve/Unresolve flags and comments permission enabled under the same setting.

Lastly, you can resolve comments using the Resolve button.