Schedule employee work

How to schedule employee work.

In this topic, you'll get familiar with the process of scheduling employees using the Workforce module.

Schedule employees

Perform the following steps to schedule employees.

Step 1: Select a date and job site

From the left-hand sidebar of your MobiClocks Web App select the Workforce icon and navigate to the Scheduling tab, as shown in the following screenshot.



You may access the Scheduling tab if you have the View "Scheduling" tab permission enabled for your role in Administration () > Role Permissions > Scheduling.

Navigating to the Scheduling tab

Navigating to the Scheduling tab

Here, you have a calendar with a list of job sites on the left-hand side. To schedule employees to a particular job site, click on a calendar cell on that job site's row.

Step 2: Add a schedule

In the Add a schedule dialog that opens next, you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Select a date range. Using the calendar, select the dates of the employee's schedule.

  2. Partial assignment. With this option, you can select a custom workday length instead of scheduling the employee full-time. To do that, check the option and select the duration from the list.

  3. Notes. Add a note to the schedule if needed.

  4. Employee search and filter. Next, you need to locate the employee you want to schedule. You can either search for the employee by their name or company or filter the list of employees by company, job title, pay group, or skills. Additionally, you have an Include employees with assignments option to include the employees who already have schedules for the selected period.

  5. Select employees. Now, select the employees that are going to be scheduled. To learn more about Υ₯Ցցհ employee, you can either select the name to navigate to the employee profile or select the employee's profile picture to open the employee card on the same page. Select the plus (+) icon next to the employee entry to add it to the scheduling list on the right. The following screenshot shows the Add a schedule dialog with two employees selected for scheduling.

    **Add a schedule** dialog

    Add a schedule dialog

  6. Select Schedule to schedule the employees.



You may add or edit schedules if you have the Create/edit assignment permission enabled for your role in Administration () > Role Permissions > Workforce.

View and edit schedules

To view schedules for a particular job site, you need to expand the job site from the left-hand list of job sites. However, even before expanding the job site, the greyed-out calendar cells on the job site row, highlighted in the screenshot below, indicate that there are schedules for these dates.

Greyed-out cells on the job site row

Greyed-out cells on the job site row

Next, you can expand the job site entry to view the schedules for each individual employee. The following screenshot shows an expanded job site entry with a list of employees who have schedules on the selected dates.

Employee schedules

Employee schedules

Click on the schedule in the calendar to view its details or make edits. In the schedule editing dialog, you have the option to change the schedule dates, apply partial assignment, and leave a note, which are discussed in the Add a schedule section of this topic. You also have the option of deleting the schedule.

Compare schedule and planning

If there is employee work planned for the selected period, you'll see a Show planned option at the end of the employee list in the expanded job site entry. Select it to expand and see the planning details, which indicate the daily planned employee count for each job title and how many have been fulfilled according to the schedules. The following screenshot shows the expanded planning numbers for a job site.

Comparing scheduling with planning

Comparing scheduling with planning

As you can see, two employees who have a Finisher specialization have schedules on the first day of the calendar. Meanwhile, the planned number of finishers for that day is 7. Thus the 2/7 planning value for that day indicated that 2 out of the 7 planned finishers have been scheduled. You can click on the planning cell to add a new schedule. The list of employees in the Add a schedule dialog will already be filtered by the selected job title.

You can also filter the list of job titles in the planning list by selecting the more ( ) icon next to Hide planned and checking Hide completed, which will hide the job titles that have the planned number of employees fulfilled.